Infected Blood Game

Okay before you do anything else disabled HDR by clicking on the bottom left of the game screen or this zombie escape game will run too slow or not at all. And the last thing you want when abandoned in a town full of zombies is to get stuck! This isn't one of our normal point and click escape games rather it's a point then whack with your club and you meander around this god forsaken place in search of the twenty-five clues that will allow you to escape and get away from the zombies who have only one intent, for you to die. This Infected Blood game is actually much more complicated than it first looks and escape isn't easy so we have provided a walkthrough below. After you play this game why not check out and play our other online scary games? After you've played this online zombie survival game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... then make sure you visit our online Ouija board.

The Last Stand

Zombie Online Games

The Last Stand is one of our favourite zombie online games as the graphics are very atmospheric and you get a real sense of the relentless march of the zombie hordes throughout the night.

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Zombie Games

Great War Game

On this page we have some of the best zombie games online ~ and they all have one thing in common ~ they're coming and they are going to get you! It's just a matter of time and that's already running out!

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