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Child's Play Movie Game

We have a confession to make. here at www.occult-games.com we are a big fan of the Child's Play movies, and were looking forward with some relish to the fifth instalment in the series, Seed of Chucky, not least because it was also written and directed by Don Manciniby who had written all the other films.

Panned by critics as "actually two movies, one wretched, the other funny" it didn't perform well at the box office and has now been superseded by the straight to DVD Curse of Chucky that sees the franchise return to its horror roots and previous good form with Alex Vincent, who played Any Barclay in Child's Play and Child's Play 2, briefly reprising his role as does Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany.



Child's Play Movie Game


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Child's Play Movie Game

Child's Play Movie Game: Play our free online Child's Play movie game, Seed of Chucky, based on a movie than migrated the Child's Play films from horror to horror comedy

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