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Prison Cell Escape Game

Are you ready for your arrival in hell? Well in this hell game that's exactly where you're going. Locked up in custody you should be fairly safe, but not so when there's a blood thirsty monster on the loose and you're trapped in your cell. Although this Arrival in Hell game is a point and click puzzle, its actually a bit more sophisticated than other such games as you have three icons to use to talk to others, pick up objects and view them. There's no-one to help you escape from your prison cell, but plenty to fear. Enter hell and see if you can survive or become yet another victim of the monster. Good luck, you're going to need it. After you've played this escape game, check out and play our other games ... if you dare.... If you get stuck playing this Arrival in Hell check out our video walkthrough below then make sure you check out our online Ouija board.



Prison Escape Game

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