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Ghost Rider Game

This Ghost Rider game is based on the 2007 Australian movie of the same name which in turn was based on the earlier Marvel comic's character that first appeared in the early 1970s.

The Ghost Rider is an incarnation of famous motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who made a pact with but was then deceived by the Devil to save his father's life. To gain release from this pact the Ghost Rider must defeat the evil Blackheart who wants to recreate hell on earth.

Okay, that's the movie plot. The game plot is even simpler. Just ride your motorbike as fast as you can to gain points using your arrow keys to move, accelerate and brake.



Ghost Rider Game


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Ghost Rider Game

Ghost Rider Game: Play our free online Ghost Rider movie game based on the Ghost Rider movie series and pretend you're Johnny Blaze or even Nick Cage

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