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Insanity Game

This Insanity game is probably one of the scariest games we have online. You wake up locked inside a cage not knowing who or where you are. But that's probably the safest place to be because after you smash the lock with your hands to escape, the horror really begins. We'll get you started, but prepare for some haunting scenes so turn off the lights and pump up the volume and whatever you do, don't look under your bed.  Click on the drapes on your left to reveal a mutilated man who tells you about the Doctor. Then its time to hide in the wardrobe whilst your tormentor leaves the door to your left unlocked. Dare you go further? After that you are on your own. But you're not alone. Never alone.

If you get stuck playing this insanity game check out out Insanity game video walkthrough below.



Insanity Game


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Insanity Game

Insanity Game: Play our free online scary insanity game, The Insanity, where you wake up in a locked cage before the horror even begins

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